Unity 6/6/2021

We're proud to announce we're finally not using Scratch anymore. Instead, we're now using Unity. Now we're making games FOR REAL. We miiiiiiiiiight still make some Scratch stuff one in a blue moon when all the planets align, but probably not. If any of you are real fans of this site, well, sorry for not updating this in so long. Here's our pages: ISeeZombie (but nothing here yet) bywok

-Bywok, Founder of Triopulse

Website Created! 12/19/2020

We are beginning to host our site on Neocities! We're excited to start our website, but it is still under construction as we still need to make all of the pages and stitch the pages altogether with links. Stay tuned for updates! Thank you so much for even looking at our site!

-Bywok, Founder of Triopulse