Hey! I'm ISeeZombie! I'm one of the founders at Triopulse. I have less experience coding as bywok, but I can do simple C# and plan to learn alongside bywok to start making more offical games. You can see my account on scratch here . I don't have anything really spectacular on my scratch, but my best project is Enigma Overdrive if you wanna check it out. Anyways, I have noe more things to say, so bai!

Byron (Bywok)

Hi there! My name is Byron (or known by my alias as Bywok.) I spend a lot of my time making and playing video games. I am one of the founders of Triopulse. I have a lot of experience programming in Scratch, Javascript, HTML, Python, CSS... and that's about it. I taught ISeeZombie HTML and helped with some of the stuff you're seeing right now (ISeeZombie did the rest.) We at Triopulse all have a lot of programming experience and are venturing to learn more about code to start making our games realities in programs like Unity. That's all I have to say, and thanks for taking the time to read about me!


hello my name is gabe don't ask about the war crimes pls