FNABJ (or Five Nights at Bob Joe's... actually, it's called Five Minutes at Bob Joes but, eh, whatever) was a game we made to add more features to g35461's game, One Night at Bob Joe's (unfortunately down for updates).

Basically, the object of the game is to survive FIVE ENTIRE MINUTES closing random doors so that Bob and Joe don't consume (?) you. There's also a (not) super enveloped easter egg. Basically Bywok made the game in two minutes and then spent two hours making the easter egg and some other stuff.

You can toggle your flashlight... light... by pressing F. And you have to breathe or you die. Got it? Oh, and click on the doors... to.... you know... close them.

Here's a diagram of the characters in the game:



So yeah. You can play the game here. Right here. Now. Go on. Yeah.

Or go here.