Make 'Em Break 'Em (or MEBE for short) is a game about creativity and art... and fighting. Lots and lots of fighting.


Make 'Em Break 'Em is a game where you draw a character, make attacks for that character, and battle against another player's character! You can make your character as insane or as formal as you want. You're the artist.

The game features a comprehensive art editor so you can create what you feel to be the exact likeness of your character, featuring all sorts of shape tools, brushes, and polygon tools. You can save as many characters as you want! But not only that, you can also make a list of attacks you can use on other players and their effect on that player! You can also optionally create a short animation for the attack that projects to the other character. Attacks lower or heal the HP of whatever character you use it on, even yourself, so that you can make a healing attack.
You can also create special attacks that you can only use every few rounds.

And, most importantly, there are nearly NO LIMITATIONS. You can choose whatever you think fits the personality of the character that you create.

This game will also feature networked play so you can play with friends (because where's the fun without it?) or local play where you can play on the same computer. You can just pick your character and start battling!

This game is unreleased but is being made. Don't worry, we'll put it on here as soon as we're sure it's done.